Freediving Instructor Training Course - Freiburg

Me, together with my wife Helena decided that we would like to improve our freediving skills. So we started to contact diving schools in whole Europe with the freediving instructor course interest. At the end we elected the SSi freediving instructor course in Freiburg under Nik Linders lead. I wanted to pass through LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTOR and Helena for the LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR.

 Freediving Instructor Training Course Freiburg 01 (Nik Linder - SSi)

Since the first studying day under Nik Linders lead we were safely sure about our election was the right choice. The introduction to the whole instructor week before us was very profesional and in really nice atmosphere. I had only one doubt about the visibility in lakes nerby in which the course will take part. I was checking those lakes only at the internet but sometimes it means nothing and depens on the actual conditions. What was a nice surprise that in the middle of the corn field suddenly appeared beautiful clear lake with 40 m depth, perfect visibility and little interests like fealess huge fish or tiny cute jellyfish. Our course took part in Apostelsee and Matschelsee.

Freediving Instructor Training Course Freiburg 02

In general we can describe our course as a three part session with theory class, practical part in open water and practical pool sessions.

During theory we recived a lot of information about  how does the SSi work in general, how should the instructor work and behave, what does the methods and syllabuses of each topics look like. Every one of us should presentate given topic due to official SSi standards. Those topics were for example diving mask, snorkel and other apperently non interesting topics, but belive that it is possible to have educational monolog with group interaction even half an hour. Imagine that some „more interesting topics“ like dive technics or fins.

Freediving Instructor Training Course Freiburg 03

During practical parts in open water each of had to pass through physical exams due to instrucor level licence and presentation of leading own open water session with briefing, practical parts with finding mistakes and than close the action with debriefing. It the candidate fail this part, it is impossible to continue and course will be failed. So everything runned after i little bit tense and it was so necesserry to concentrate to given topics and prepare them really well. We were going to sleep mostly after midnight around 1 od 2 O´clock am. Following dives were because of that more and more difficult. Physical exams were usually at the end of the sessions, when we already passed through theory class and practical part in open water session. But very comfortable was the surface water temperature which was nice 25 °C so practical open water sessions which were mostly more than 2 hours long were temperaturelly fine. I hardly can say the same about the deep dives sessions. In 30 m depth water had only 7 °C and that was a little bit more difficult.  We could feel the cold espetially on Thursday when the part of physical exam was the „HANG“ which menas that you have to hold the rope for 1 minute and half in given depth which was more or less 16 meters. Water has nearly 12 °C in this depth so everyone was a bit cold afterwards. We could easily get warmer when we saw in depth the buddy coming and pretending the blackout diver. We simulated the rescue technique from the depth and it cost some amount of energy to get our buddy up. But I personally really enjoyed this excersise.

Freediving Instructor Training Course Freiburg 04

Practical pool session took part in swimming pool in Freiburg and it was in principle the same process. I would like to highlite the Saturday which was our last training day so everyone was expecting some calm finish or end of our action. So we calmly demonstrated our practical parts of given topics with briefings, leadings the lessons and debriefing and so on. Yes that was fine but than the fun started. We had to pass through 400m time trial free style swimming. This excersis was followed by the 800m snorkeling time trial with fins and snorkeling equipment. This „snorkeling“ was nice to get to know what kind of muscles I actually have on ankles. A bit thrilling was next physical exam of DNF so we need to calm down rapidly and do our job again. DNF performance was done so what´s next? It was CO2 dynamic table passing which was diving with less and less time to breathe with rising effort during performance and that was finally all beacuse following workshop about DNF discipline was not so physicly difficult at all. In stead I was motivated to train it more and achive a good results even in the competitions. Me and Helena passed every exam for the first time so our numeru uno Nik was satisfied. So as we were.


Freediving Instructor Training Course Freiburg 05
Freediving Instructor Training Course Freiburg 06
Freediving Instructor Training Course Freiburg 07

At the end Nik finished the course with individual speach with every member of our group. In stead of written evaluation we recived the oral feedback. The whole chat was leaded by nice motivation with some recommendation to improvements. At the same time we got to know in what area of freediving we have a bigger potential to improve it even better. Than we got a stamp, signature and now we have a licence!

See you on our SSi courses!




Thank you Nik for nice and proffesional behaviour. We want to thank the rest of our group for  nice company. Thank you Manuela, Thomas and Joannes!



Nik Linder


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